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Endress + Hauser pH ORP Electrode Direct Replacement

Replacement for Endress , Series E+H, CPS, pH, ORP

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This new line of direct replacements for E&H®-style electrodes is now available for a wide variety of pH or ORP applications. They are designed dimensionally to retrofit with existing installations. Expensive equipment changes are no longer necessary. A combination of several reference fills or reference junctions are available to suit specific application requirements. Custom designs are not uncommon.

Design Features

The Solid Polymer Reference (SPR™) is a polymer-based reference comparable to Ingold's® Xerolyt™. Internal "shorting" is more inherent with an open-reference style electrode in pressurized applications. Unlike E&H®, we pair the SPR™ with a ceramic junction to eliminate possibilities of both electrode shorting and reference poisoning. For additional reliability, the gel is forced into the junction pores during the manufacturing process, virtually eliminating junction clogging by process particulate matter.

Measurement Types: GXV - Multi-purpose pH glass formulation (0-14.00 pH)

Reference Types: SPR™ - Double-junction, SOLID POLYMER REFERENCE (0-130°C)
Tuff-Tip™ - New design incorporating larger reference junction surface area & electrode guard.
LCJ - Dramatically increases the reference junction surface area. Standard material is ceramic but porous Kynar are available.

Electrodes Direct # 162


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