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Replacement Electrode for ABB (TBI) Part # AP301/32031131

Replacement for ABB (TBI-Bailey), Series AP301, AP301/32031131, pH

A-200-X-XX Sized

$ 274.00
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This electrode is a direct replacement to the ABB (TBI) Part # AP301/32031131. Please note specifications listed.

Photo to come soon.

Electrodes Direct # 110


Type: Combination pH
Body Material: Kynar
Seal Material: Viton
Glass: TuffTip
Junction Type: Double Junction
Cable Length: 10 Feet
Connector Type: Hanked (Tinned Leads)
Temperature Compensator: 3000 Ohm
Fill Type: Solid Polymer
pH Range: 0-14
Use: Industrial
Delivery: Stock to 4 Weeks


Replaces, ABB (TBI-Bailey), AP301, AP301/32031131