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Replacement for Broadley James® Agricultural pH C1101A-32A-A10BC

Replacement for Broadley James, Series Agricultural, C1101A-32A-A10BC, PH


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Part #: 6773581-010B replacement for C1101A-32A-A10BC
Used in hydroponics systems, Agriculture and horticultural pH. This electrode is typically used in nutrient management systems as part of the in line dosing system.

Usually fits within pre-existing threaded or twist-lock housings typically supplied with these systems.

Electrodes Direct # 152


pH Range: 0 to 13 (Na + < 0.1 N)
Zero Point: pH 7
Response Time: <30 sec (95% response), <60 sec (99% response)
Operating Temp. Range: -5C to +100C
Operating Pressure Range: 100psi at +25C
pH Electrode Solution: pH Buffer with Chloride added
Reference Type: Annular Ceramic, Sealed
Ref. Electrode Outer Solution: Polysaccharide Gel, 4M KCI sat'd with AgCL
Accuracy: ± 0.1 pH unit
Slope: 59 ± 3 mV/pH unit at 25C (168 to 183 mV slope)
Offset: (Asymmetry Potential): 0 mV ± 25 mV
Stability: < 3 mV drift/24 hours
Glass Membrane Impedance: < 300 Mohm at 25C
Reference Junction Impedance: < 30 Kohm at 25C

Cable Length: 10'
Connector: BNC


Replaces, Broadley James, Agricultural, C1101A-32A-A10BC