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Product Listing

Product DescriptionBase Price (US$)
Mono pH Half Cell, GlassMono pH Half Cell Titration Electrode, Glass Body$67.00
Reference with Annular JunctionGlass Reference Electrode with Annular Junction$79.00
Combination Single Junction pH ElectrodeCombination, Single Junction pH Electrode with Ag/AgCl Reference$104.00
Combination, Double Junction pHCombination, Double Junction pH Electrode$146.50
Redox, Platinum Band, CombinationCombination Redox (ORP) Electrode, Platinum Band$140.00
Silver Billet, CombinationCombination Silver Billet Electrode$152.00
Karl Fischer, Double Platinum BandsKarl Fisher Electrode with Double Platinum Bands$128.00
Karl Fischer, Double Platinum Bands, Metrohm StyleKarl Fisher Electrode with Double Platinum Bands, for Metrohm KF Style Titrators$128.00


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